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Winning a brand new iPhone 5S through AllCydia 5S Giveaway

Do you want to get a new iPhone 5S for free? Well, you surely need to check the 5S giveaway at AllCydia. Anyone who wishes to win the device for free can join the program by entering the website. It is interesting to keep in mind that the program is open to anyone coming from any age as well as any country. You can choose whatever color you want and when you win it, you will get the device just like exactly what you want.

How to get the iPhone 5S for free

White iPhone 5S

As stated before, this is for anyone who live on Earth as long as they want to get the iPhone 5S for free. It means, as long as you can get connected to the internet, you just can conclude that you are eligible for the 5S giveaway.  How to join the giveaway?

Well, when you enter the website, especially the page of the iPhone 5S giveaway program, you will find the Facebook “Share” icon at the bottom of the webpage. You just need to click the icon and share it on your Facebook. Next, you need to like AllCydia on Facebook. It is also required for you to follow the Twitter of AllCydia so that you can retweet the post by following the given link. Please check the link on the webpage of the program. Next, you need to subscribe to the newsletter of AllCydia. The last, you can continue by leaving a comment on the webpage using your Twitter username or your Facebook by stating why you should be the winner of the giveaway program.

It must be a great chance to get the new iPhone 5S for free. Just join the giveaway and find out whether you can win the brand new 5S. Good luck.

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Get Ready! Apple is going to release the new iPhone 6 soon

More or less, we are about to witness the big day of the release of the new iPhone 6 in three hours. It is also possible that the time is the release of the iWatch as well. Dealing with the release, Apple has shut down the Apple Store to make the updates needed in introducing the new device as soon as possible. There is no doubt that Tim Cook has also been prepared to face the moment.

What to expect from the announcement of the release of the new iPhone 6?

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So far, there is no official information whether or not apple is going to announce the release of the iPhone 6 only. This is due to the prediction that Apple will also announce the release of the new iWatch along with the new iPhone model. Of course, there is a strong expectation that Apple will also make official statements about the updates of other products even though the new iPhone is still the most attractive fact to look for. This is due to the rumors surrounding the new device including the better design, better specs, better battery lifetime, as well as the new technology of NFC. If, then, Apple also officially announces the new iWatch, the moment can be the biggest one in the year of 2014.

Well, every Apple fan and the analysts are now waiting for the moment of truth regarding the release of the new iPhone 6. This is going to be the time when the final and official truths about the new device will be confirmed by Apple to answer any rumors and predictions discussed so far. Therefore, it is suggested to keep updating the information by keeping in touch with our website. We are committed to keep informing you by referring to the reputable sources.

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The Rumors of the new iPhone 6

If you follow the news regarding the new iPhone 6, you surely understand that rumors were always there around the new device especially regarding the designs and the specs. Even until the last hours of the official announcement of the launch by Apple, the rumors kept flowing. Most of the rumors, let’s say them as predictions, were finally confirmed even though some were not really expected to see at the new smartphone product. Well, what is leaked at the last minutes about the new product?

Some leaks of Apple iPhone 6

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The first thing regarding the leaks of the new iPhone 6 is the new 4.7 inch screen that was predicted to have 1334 x 750 pixels of the resolution. Regardless this, the unexpected fact is that the new device’s screen is not protected by sapphire glass. It means that you may need to go on your own to protect your iPhone.

Another important consideration is what is under the hood. The dual-core A8 CPU is predicted to power the new device clocked at 1.4 GHz. Actually it was lower than the previous rumor which was 2 GHz. However, the improvement has increased the power up to 20% to the new device especially when compared to the previous 5S.

The last aspects to consider must be the RAM and internal storage. With 1 GB or RAM and 128 GB of the internal storage, the new iPhone 6 was predicted to successfully hit the market. Of course, we cannot ignore the OS of iOS 8 as well as the 8MP rear camera.

Well, regardless the rumors around the new device, you now can check on your own whether or not the predictions are true. Therefore, we suggest you to check our posts in order to know more about the new iPhone 6. Thank you for visiting.

Awesome iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Improved Specs of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Referring to the numerous analysis and reviews of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there is no doubt that the new devices hit the market with incredibly new designs providing newly great looks. It is obvious that the new two are considered as the best by many analysts so far. However, it is, of course, not the only interesting part to take into account because Apple has also made important improvements in the specs.

What is improved in iPhone 6 specs and iPhone 6 Plus?

Great iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

As you can check on our other posts at the website, there were some big rumors regarding the improvements of the specs for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You may have noticed that most predicted that Apple would include the latest version of A8 chip for the new devices. Finally, it is confirmed by the company to be true. So, what can you expect from the new Apple A8 chip?

Well, so far it is claimed that the new chip of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will make the devices perform better with 25% faster and 50% more efficient operation especially when compared to the A7 chip. The new chip provides the device with a large speed bump.

Cool iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Of course, the use of the new chip of A8 is not the only great news about the new devices. Both come with better RAM and cameras. It means that the iPhone fans will be able to operate the devices way more fun and enjoyable especially dealing with various operations and tasks. Overall, Apple has improved the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus very well in all aspects both the design and the specs. Well, it is now your turn to hunt for the new models and be the first who uses the beautiful and powerful new iPhone.


Apple iPhone 6 photos and specifications

Essential details of the new Apple iPhone 6

Following the rumors, predictions, news, or whatever you call the information regarding the new device(s) launched by Apple, you surely have known that the company just announced the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus. The interesting fact regarding the launch of the new products is that the great looking designs, the great guts and features. It is easy to assume that iPhone lovers will love the devices for sure with the improvements made. Well, let’s check what are new about the new iPhone.

Interesting details of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Bigger Screen

Well, let’s go deeper to check the details of the new iPhone 6. The first thing to consider is the design of the new device with bigger but thinner is size. The anodized aluminum case makes the new iPhone look better. Another important improvement to consider is the sleep wake button that has been placed to the phone’s side. This allows the users to reach the button much easier. In general, the new design is great in look. So far, you can choose one of the three available colors including black, silver, and gold.

Price Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Another fact to keep in mind about Apple iPhone 6 is the screen. The new version of Retina display named Retina HD has increased the pixels up to 38% in the 4.7 inches of screen. This allows the users to enjoy watching movies, playing games, or simply using the device for internet browsing way more fun. With the improvement, it is safe enough to say that the device is the best so far.

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Design Apple iPhone 6 Render

The last, but not the least, is the specs of the new iPhone 6. Featuring A8 chip with the claim that this will lead to 25% faster performance and 50% more efficiency, the device should be what the fans will love. Combined with better battery life, the specs will surely provide enjoyable use. What do you think? Are you interested in grabbing one?

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